Difference Between A Father And A Dad

Though father and dad are always used interchangeably when addressing a man, it can be said that there is a clear difference between a father and a dad. How? A father is said to be the biological male parent of a child while a dad according to dadtography.com is defined as ‘ a male paternal figure that is always present and participating in a child’s life’ , a dad according to the urban dictionary is said to be ‘ the true man in one’s life that is always there and available’. There is a saying that a father may be a dad while a dad does not necessarily need to be one’s father but he is someone who is always ready to participate in a child’s life at all time.

What is the Difference Between A Father and A Dad?

Difference Between A Father And A Dad

The term father is regarded as a biological terminology used to describe a man whose blood flows through a child’s vein and such a man could either be present or absent depending on the condition while a dad is more of an emotional duty of getting along with the child in all possible ways. Being a dad is a life determination duty and it refers to one’s conscious ability to relate to his child’s problems and immediate challenges when needed.

According to a survey, most women who end up raising their children on their own as a single mother is usually as a result of having the wrong father, due to the absence of a dad, the mother has to suffer to put the child through life. The importance of a dad cannot be taken with levity and the following shows the possible difference between a father and a dad.

Difference Between A Father And A Dad

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Intimacy: a dad is a person who is always available for the children and provides full attention to the kids when they need it. A dad is always following children on every occasion no matter how small it seems, he makes sure the children get the best experience as compared to a father who is never around.

Acceptability: a dad is a very acceptable and respected individual to the children. A dad makes sure to suit the kid’s likes at all times. A dad brings himself down to the children’s level and communicates with them like one of them rather than showing superiority which could weaken the relationship between the man and the children.

Care and Comfort: a dad shows care and comfort to the kids at all time in that he gives the kids a listening ear and he reasons with them. A dad cares about the well-being of the kids rather than a father who doesn’t care about the kids but himself.

Understanding and Assitance: along with intimacy, a dad gives assistance to the children and provides an amazing relationship with his kids. An open minded dad has the ability to understand the kids when happy, sad, or when they are having troubles.

Ultimately, a dad is different from a father because he cares and shows love.

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